Wash Packages

Bug Removal Upgrade $3
(can be added to any wash)

Wash Features

Lava Presoak

The presoak allows for optimal car washing with specified pressure and temperature to penetrate the most difficult contaminants on your car.

Undercarriage Wash

Our underbody wash ensures the grime and debris underneath your vehicle are removed so your car is protected and performs better.

Tri Foam

Our specially designed triple foam conditioner leaves your car shining like the stars.

Wheel Cleaner

We pay attention to detail. We clean your tires and rims to galactic perfection every time.

Free Vacuums

We believe that a clean car isn’t just the greatest wash, but an interior deep-cleaning as well. At Galaxies we always offer free vacuums for your convenience.


Our Durashield leaves an intergalactic barrier on your vehicle to protect from abrasions and scratches far beyond your initial wash.

Go Unlimited!

Get the best deal in the galaxy by signing up for one of our Unlimited Launch Passes today! One low monthly price for unlimited daily washes — Stay launch ready! SEE DETAILS STARTING AS LOW AS $ 13 /month